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microGLEIT Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH is a German high tech chemical company, well known for its outstanding product, water-based lubricants, for supreme quality. microGLEIT products have been widely welcomed by automobile industries、screw manufactures and plating manufactures in Europe. Years of intensive industry experience and technological expertise are the basis for the continued success of microGLEIT. Develop、produce and distribute as now a leading high-performance lubricants for specific global markets.
In view of growing demanded on various environment friendly plating layers’ lubrication co-efficiency by the industries, and maturing relative specification on torque, microGLEIT Technology represent microGLEIT products and services to fulfill the vast customers’ demand all over Asia countries, wish manufactures could supply steady product quality to all over the world.

- 產品特色 -

  • 水性潤滑油

  • 調整摩擦係數

  • 穩定旋入扭力

  • 操作簡單 塗覆容易

  • 環保友善

  • 100%德國製