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microGLEIT DCP 9000

Corrosion protection sealer with lubrication function
microGLEIT DCP 9000 - Sealing with integrated lubricating Film

Product description

microGLEIT DCP 9000 is a non marking, environmentally friendly suspension of white solid lubricants with an exactly coordinated additive package against corrosion on zinc and zinc alloy surfaces.

microGLEIT DCP 9000 builds a non visible sealing surface with good corrosion protection on zinc and zinc alloy layers, especially on chromeVI-free passivated zinc and zinc alloy layers.  

Product properties

  • Very good corrosion protection on zinc and zinc alloy layers
  • Constant, low coefficient of friction
  • Not visible, no marking
  • UV-light verifiable
  • No other negative influence on properties of the material
  • User and environmental-friendly

Product application fields

microGLEIT DCP 9000 is developed for coating and sealing of zinc and zinc alloy layers with galvanised surfaces (chrome-blue, yellow, black …), also good at zinc and zinc alloy layers free of chromeVI passivation.

The requirements of automotive industry for the corrosion protection of chromeVI free surfaces up to +200°C in combination with a defined, reproducible coefficient of friction are fulfilled.

Consequence: By using microGLEIT DCP 9000 a sealing with a high corrosion protection and an adjustable coefficient of friction is possible. With one work step above mentioned requirements can be fulfilled.

Examples of application

  •  Screws, nuts with zinc- and zinc alloy layers and chromate surfaces (blue, yellow, black …)
  •  Screws, nuts with chrome VI free passivate zinc and zinc alloy layers
  •  Rivets, dowels with zinc layers  

Notes for Application

  • Check ph-value regular
  • Check bath concentration regular
  •  Use only water with (at least) drinking water quality for thinning 
  •  The parts to be coated must be free of oil or grease.
  •  Dry parts after coating with warm air
  •  Pack coated parts only after parts have received ambient temperature
  •  Protect product against freezing
  • Stir up coating bath regular
  •  Please keep coating bath closed to avoid lubricant become harden on surface

Technical Data





Colour at delivery




Colour after application





DIN 51757

ca. 1,1




ca. 9,5 - 10,5



DIN 53211

ca. 24 – 30




40°C bis +120




water (drinking quality)




12 month in closed, original container




20 kg pail / 150 kg drum