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microGLEIT DF 921

Water based lubricant for Screw、Bolt、Nut、Fastener
microGLEIT DF 921
micro-PE-dry lubricating film

Product Description

microGLEIT DF 921 is a none marking white color suspension of solid lubricants. 

It could provide a low coefficient of friction with a low range of variation. 

Product Properties

  • Constantlow coefficient of friction, also at connecting elements made of stainless steel.
  • High abrasion resistance
  • No marking, not visible.
  • UV-light verifiable
  • Good adhesion on different kinds of materials
  • No influence to other properties of coated material
  • Usable with automatic assembly devices 

Examples of Application Fields

  • Chipboard screws, beach wood screws
  • Screws and nuts made of stainless steel
  • Galvanized screws and nuts
  •  Mass parts with inorganic metal coatings
  • Self tapping and self forming screws
  • Rivets, Nails, heavy load dowels
  • Screws and nuts made of aluminum or plastic
  • Facade/lining screws
  • Locknuts

Notes for Application

  • Check ph-value regular
  • Check bath concentration regular
  •  Use only water with (at least) drinking water quality for thinning 
  •  The parts to be coated must be free of oil or grease.
  •  Dry parts after coating with warm air
  •  Pack coated parts only after parts have received ambient temperature
  •  Protect product against freezing
  • Stir up coating bath regular
  •  Please keep coating bath closed to avoid lubricant become harden on surface

  Technical Data


test method



Appearance in delivery conditions




Appearance after application





DIN 51757

appr. 1




appr. 5.5 (5 – 6)



DIN 53211 N 4

appr. 42


Temperature range


40°C bis +120


Coefficient of friction

Screw testing machine

ca. 0,08




water (drinking quality)


Shelf time


12 month in closed opriginal container


Available container sizes


20kg200 kg,cont. drum


Danger classification